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Jan 16th, 2018, 07:45am

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xx Spyro PS1 Games: What Happens When..
« Thread started on: Dec 23rd, 2005, 6:41pm »

Basically, When the first Spyro game was released I couldnt get enough of it! I simply loved it, it was perfect! Spyro 2 and 3 were excellent sequels aswell, 2 being the best. PS2 ones sucked though, they were so bad, I didnt even bother after seeing the first level. The loading times, the lagging, and the stupid levels, and they way he gazed around when he walked, I couldnt play it! I just built my new computer and Ive got into emulating, and I thought I would finally try and get my spyro games 100% complete (which Ive never done). I started with number 2 (my fav) and so far I have every level 100% but I would just like to know, what happens when the game is 100% complete..

P.S: Glad to see Im not alone in keep PS1 Spyro alive
P.P.S: Sorry for missing punctuation, my "at" key on my laptop is intermitant
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xx Re: Spyro PS1 Games: What Happens When..
« Reply #1 on: Dec 23rd, 2005, 7:33pm »

You mean, when Ripto's Rage/Gateway to Glimmer is 100% complete, or all of them?

If I recall, in the 2nd PS Game, you collect all the orbs and gems and then go to 'Dragon Shores', there's a door there which you can now open. Inside is, the beautiful, the wonderful, the absolutely fantasmic... super flame power up?

Pretty useless now you've completed the game.

Ah, I bet the creators laughed for hours and hours.

Though, luckily, there was a cheat* you could do which meant that you'd have super flame from the beginning of a new game. What you had to do, again I'm going from memory here so I'm not 100% sure, was go into the completed game and then walk through the powerup. Then, quit game, start a new one and overwrite the completed game. Then Spyro should have superflame in the new game.

It worked for me, it was the best game ever then. XD

*Not necessarily a cheat because you had to complete a game to enable it in the first place, but it made replaying the game an experience. I admit, I cackled as I blasted things down.
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xx Re: Spyro PS1 Games: What Happens When..
« Reply #2 on: Dec 23rd, 2005, 9:49pm »

if you want to keep your 100% and start a new game with the Superflame, copy the data to another slot. delete one of the slots and start a new game
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