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Mar 23rd, 2018, 03:54am

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xx rate fic. (includes characters from various games)
« Thread started on: Jan 22nd, 2006, 02:42am »

Chapter 2: Trouble

It’s been about a week and the party’s tomorrow, but both Angela and Riku haven’t made any progress with their bet.

Sora’s house.

“Sora.” Kairi said.

“Riku has been acting really weird around me lately.”

“Lately?” Sora asked jokingly

“I’m serious.”

“What did he do?”

“I don’t know I think he’s following me or something…it’s like every time I look behind me he’s there.”

“Are you serious?” Sora asked


“Don’t worry I’m sure it was just a coincidence.”

“Well I gotta go.” Kairi said picking up her books and backpack.

“See ya at the party tomorrow?”

“Ya.” Sora said as he waved her off.

She started to walk down the sidewalk when…

“Surprise!” Riku seemed to pop out of nowhere. Kairi dropped a whole bunch of books and almost fell to the ground.

“wow…your getting better at that.” She smiled

“Thanks.” Riku bent down to get the books that she dropped and handed them to her.

“Thank you.” She said. Riku started to walk along with her.

“So what are you doing here.”

“Oh crud…what am I doing…err…um” Riku thought to himself about it.

“I Sora called me…he wanted to see me.”

“Oh cool.”

Well he was talking to her but how was he supposed to get more than that out of her. “Just be slow and sneaky…” was his phrase.

“so your going to the party tomorrow I presume.”

“Who isn’t?”

“Hey Kairi you forgot you…Riku?” Sora called from his window.

“What are you doing here?” Kairi looked at him

“I thought you said Sora wanted you to come over.”

“Well you see…” there was no excuse.

“Riku go away!” Sora yelled. Riku sighed.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered to Kairi and then walked off.

Sasha’s house…

Ratchet and Sasha walked down the stairs holding hands.

“So I’ll see you at the party?”


“No" Sasha’s father interrupted

“Sasha has no place at a Halloween party with kids…things get out of control!”

“Dad!” Sasha sighed…

“It’s alright…Sash next time ok.” He kissed her hand.

“For once Ratchet I agree with you. Now off with you, go to your house or whatever.” He said shooing Ratchet with his hands.

Later that day, at the park…

“So do you want to go to that party tomorrow?” Eva asked

“Well…I was exited about it but I have a bad feeling about it now.”

“You and your feelings.” she giggled

“Fine I’ll go.” He said grabbing her hand and swinging it around.

“Unless we have to dress up then I’m not going.”

“No” she giggled again.

“Why do you feel bad about it.” she asked.

“There’s just this thing going on between Ratchet and Angela and I think things are going to get ugly.”

“You mean you think he might cheat on Sasha?”

“No…sorta. It’s just the way they look at each other and stuff.”

“So, Sasha will be there…”

“No she won’t…Ratchet called me and told me she couldn’t go.”

“Nothing’s going to happen alright.” Eva said trying to comfort him.

“Besides if something dose happen we need someone who can break up the action.”

The next day, 7:00PM…
The party was just getting started lot’s of kids were already there. a little more than Angela had expected. Kids were bringing *****, ****, and all sorts of other things inside.

“****…” Angela said pacing the floor upstairs.

“Angela…calm down…breath.” Keira said.

“Ok.” She said taking a deep breath and putting on a face that looked normal for the party. She walked downstairs and rock music started pumping. It was literally shaking the entire house.

“So much for being subtle,” she muttered.

DING DONG (heh, dong)

Someone was at the door again. She opened it and there was Ratchet by himself.

“Where’s Sasha?” Angela asked

“She couldn’t make it…”

Angela tried her hardest not to smile.

“That’s to bad.” She lied.

1 hour later.

“So what are you up to…I barely even get to talk to you anymore.” Riku said to Kairi

“Well…my classes are going well but there’s nothing new with me."

He was getting nowhere all of this simple talk was just boring him. He had wanted her for so long and she always seemed out of his grasp and then Sora came along. He started to have second thoughts should he really be doing this to his friend…maybe he and Kairi should just be friends…No he knew what he wanted and it was her. While some people like him had more subtle ways of getting to a person…

“Ratchet, Want some ****?” Ratchet looked up at her with shock.

“I-I don’t think I”

“Oh come on ratchet, what is one little **** going to do…”

1 hour later.

Jazz and Eva looked around themselves in shock. There were so many people.

“you were right about this party Jazz…let’s go…or call the police…or something.”

“You were right too. If something happens someone has to stop it And I don’t want to turn my friends in.”

Jazz looked over at Riku, he had his arm over Kairi’s shoulder and she was leaning on him. Then he looked over at Ratchet he was insanely drunk and so was Angela.

“Oh no…” Jazz muttered to himself. Just then Jazz saw Sora knock at the door.

“Why me?” Jazz cried. Sora tired to get through the door as Ratchet and Angela held hands and walked upstairs. They were already to the top of the steps when he decided to run after them. Jazz was almost to them but they got into Angela’s room and slammed the door shut and locked it.

“****!” he said slamming his fist on the door. He put his ear to the door to confirm the worst…

“There just making out…phew…good at least their not-”

“**** *** ** *****.” Ratchet said. Jazz groaned.

**************************************************************************************** *****************************************************************************************************************************and jazz he could barely take it anymore.

Meanwhile, downstairs…
Sora had finally managed to get in but his first sight was Riku and Kairi…there were about to kiss.


“Jazz!” Eva called realizing that things were about to get ugly. Jazz immediately knew what was going on and slid down the side of the stairs to get to Sora. By the time Jazz got down the stairs Riku and Kairi were already kissing. Jazz flipped and pushed Sora back.

“ok man calm don’t let’s think about this.” Jazz said attempting to calm Sora down

“LET ME GO!” he shouted. He tried to charge Riku who still hadn’t noticed him and was about to kiss her again, but Jazz stopped him.

“If she’s going to go and do that then let her ok…don’t go and ruin-” Sora faked out Jazz and made his way up to Riku and Kairi.

“****! What the **** is this?”

Kairi was speechless.

“I hate you both! ************!” without another word and without looking back Sora left.

This party is really turning out to be a disaster…

this was way way way way wayyyy edited maybe even in exageration but that was only because i didn't want to get kicked off the bored. to see the whole story go to
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Er, you should've read the news fader. We're kind of having an important vote, and all posting in other areas is strictly prohibited for now.
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