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xx Workin' on an MST: INCOMPLETE!
« Thread started on: Sep 24th, 2005, 11:00pm »

Well since everybody's doin' it...

I am desprately (sp?) trying to get my butt into gear and my MST I started, months ago... shocked

I'm MSTing a Harry Potter fic which I think stank. I'll post the characters that will be in my MST (WARNING: might change frequently):

The Cast
Adrian-A pervert that makes the others just lose their minds... ...and gets hit alot. grin
Count Olaf-Don’t ask.
Fiona Widdershins-Is gonna kill Olaf sooner or later.
Charlie Bucket-Because we need just a tiny bit of innocence in my MSTs.
Violet Beauregarde-See the previous reason.
AricaArica-The Grammar Queen.
Flare-Old friend of Fiona’s who supposedly died on a field trip, but it turned out she had been kiddnapped by scientists posing as an ambulance. Thanks to their sick-minded experiments of mixing animal
DNA with ours, she now is has the wings, flght, strength, and agility of a phoenix.
Klaus Baudelaire-Acme Mallot Welder to put blunt.
‘Captain’ Jack Sparrow-Well we have to have insanity in the theatre don’t we?
Captain Barbossa-I wanted Jack to lose his mind (even though he already has), so I threw Barbossa in for
good measure. grin
Duncan Quigmire- Needed jokes, sarcasm and stupidity. Duncan was perfect for that job.

...I think that just about covers it. I know I have to many people in the theater but I couldn't help it. Don't expect my MST very soon as I'm a very slow writer. But in the mean time, watch this space.....................
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