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xx Project UTS632 chapter 1
« Thread started on: Apr 14th, 2005, 3:27pm »

Here is chapter one of my Ratdhet and Clank fan fic Project UTS632. it takes place a few months after UYA, so injoy the fanfic. i'm posting it here, so you can read it here.

Note: I know there are some Gammer errors and typos here and there( peps at said that) but from the reviews i got from they said they liked it. so injoy the story)

Project UTS632

Story by: LombaxQueen

Chapter one, Its Starts…

It’s been a few months now after Dr. Nefarious attack on the Solana Galaxy. His goal was to destroy all organic life forms by turning them in to robots. Luckily a hero arise, a young Lombax by the name of Ratchet, and his robot partner Clank, stop his plan, but with a little help with the galaxies “Greatest” Hero Captain Qwark, who formed the Q Force. Together, they stop Nefarious. Right now, we are not so sure about Nefarious whereabouts, or if he still alive, but most people have it that he is still out there. He out there somewhere, but where?

On a Asteroid:

Lawrence was playing his guitar. He was very good at it; he never got that bored playing it. He then looked at the angry Dr. Nefarious. They been suck on this Asteroid for a few months now, and still no why to get of this dumb rock.

“I know you being defeated by squishies isn’t on your list, sir.” Said Lawrence
“But you should get over it.”

“Get over it. Get over it!” said Nefarious.

“Well, yes sir.”

“How could you say that Lawrence, We were Defeated by Squishies, and you can say is Get over it!”

“Yes sir.” Lawrence said.

“LAWRREEN-” “Oh Mary I love you.”
“I love you too Kevin”

Nefarious was picking up singles from Soap operas, which he always gets when he gets mad. Lawrence then walks up to him.

“How many times have I told you to get that fix.” Then Lawrence slaps Nefarious hard.

“-NNNCE!!!” After that loud, annoying yell, Nefarious then fell to the ground.



“Oh nothing, just seeing if you were ok sir” Lawrence then went back to playing his guitar. While Nefarious sits down bored.

“Lawrence, how long have we been on this asteroid for?”

“Oh, I believe for 3 months now, sir.” Lawrence said.

“Oh.” Nefarious then turn away from Lawrence, he then gaze in to space. Nefarious chance of getting off this rock is very slim, like Lawrence said; they will be stuck here for the next 5,000 years.

Then Nefarious spots something. “What’s this?” Nefarious spots a ship, Nefarious then gets up.

“Where saved! HAHA!!!” Nefarious said with joy.

“Excuse me sir.” Lawrence said. Why Nefarious was so happy he thought to himself.

Nefarious starts to dance, “Lawrence, Were Saved.”

“Sir what do you mean from saved.”

“Look!” Nefarious turned Lawrence around and saw the ship.

“Yes, I see, it, sir.” Lawrence said, “and your point is sir.”

“That were saved.” Nefarious starts to do cartwheels, and laughs.

“Sir, its not going to pick us up.”

“No, Lawrence, We’ll teleport onto it. We can do that right?”

“Yes, sir we can, but there are people on board of that ship.”

“Don’t worry about that Lawrence, I’ll take care of that.”

“Of chores.”

“Lawrence, Teleport us onto the ship.” Nefarious command.

“Yes sir.”

Then Lawrence teleported themselves on to the ship, and they got on to it.

On the ship (space science lab)…

“How is that cloning going Sara?” said one scientist.

“Its going well sir, we were able to clone the rat,” said the other scientist, “and so far our project is going according to plan.”


The scientists were minding there own business until…


“What the heck was that?” said one of the scientists.

Out of the smoke came Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence, they were the ones that cause the explosion. Nefarious laughs

“Who…who are you? And what are you doing here?” said a scientist.

“Who am I, who am I, I’m Dr. Nefarious, and what am I doing here, I’m going to take over your ship.”

“Call Security now!” said one of the scientists.

“Not so fast.” Then his hands turned in to swords. Nefarious then laugh, he then sawed one of the scientists going to the alarm switch, then Nefarious runs over and slices the guy in haft, he then laughs ones more. “Dumb Squishy.” Said Nefarious evilly.

“Oh my god.” Said a girl scientist said in fear. She ran for the alarm switch and pressed it. The alarm goes off.

Then the guards came to stop the mad robotic scientist. “Freeze, you are under arrest.”

Nefarious then looked at Lawrence, then he looked at the guards.

“Ok, I surrender.” Said Nefarious.

“You do?” Said one of the guards.

“No!” Nefarious shouted. He then attacks the guards, and killed all of them. “Suckers.” Said Dr. N, but he wasn’t done yet, there were even more guards coming.

Nefarious then looked at the guards, and then laughs quietly.

“This is going to be lots of fun.” Nefarious said evilly.

Few hours later…

“There, we have now taken over the ship,” Nefarious said, followed by an evil laugh.

“Yes sir.” Lawrence said. Then he looked around the room; it was full of dead bodies and blood. “You did quiet a mess sir.”

“Yes, yes I did, did I.” Nefarious replied. “Clean it up Lawrence, I don’t want a messy ship”

“Yes sir.” Lawrence said.

“Good, now is there a TV here, I’m missing my soap.” Nefarious said. He ran over to a big screen and turned it on.

“Tonight on Galaxy Tonight, we have a preview of Secret Agent Clank’s new Holo-flick, also an Interview with Ratchet and Clank, and the Q Force. That’s tonight on Galaxy Tonight.”

Nefarious then shuts off the TV, made a fist, and started to get mad. “They will pay, pay for what they done.” He said with anger “They will pay, especially that Lombax and Secret Agent Clank. Somehow, they will pay.” Nefarious then sat down in a chair, and thought to himself. How could he get revenge on his enemies? He thinks, but noting came to him.

“Sir, the ship is all clean.” Lawrence said

“Not now Lawrence, you see I’m thinking.” Nefarious replied

“What are you thinking about sir.”

“What am I think about Lawrence. Revenge on the Squishies.

“You mean, Ratchet, Clank, and Qwark.”

“Yes, Them, the Squishies. And Secret Agent Clank”

“What are you planning sir”

“I have no idea.” Nefarious replied.

“Well, you got to have a plan sir”

“Do you have any ideas Lawrence”

“Not really, but you should be the one with the plan sir,” said Lawrence. “And we’re in a lab, you’ll finger out something”

“Yes, I will Lawrence.” Nefarious said

Lawrence then spots something on Nefarious back.

“Sir, you have something on your back.” said Lawrence

“What? Where?” Said Nefarious

“Here, sir”

“What is it? What’s on my back”

“It seems like a piece of fur.” Lawrence replied

“Fur? How did fur get on my back?” Nefarious said worried

“Remember that battle with Ratchet sir.”


“Maybe its from that sir.”

“Depose this fur Lawrence. I don’t want Squishy germs.” Nefarious said angry

“Of chores sir.” Lawrence replied. Then Lawrence thought of something. “Are you sure you want me to get rid of this sir.”

“Yes, yes I’m sure.” Nefarious said

“Are you sure sir, because it would be a shame to depose this fur.”

“What do you mean Lawrence?”

“What I mean is we can make a clone”

“Excuse me?” Nefarious said

“A clone sir, you should make a clone of Ratchet, sir.”

“What!” Nefarious said angry “Your telling me that I should make a clone, as in a Squishy.”

“Um…well, yes sir.”

“Lawrence, are you nuts, how could you even think that, there is no way that I will make a clone”

“Think about it sir, this may be a way to get back at the Q Force and that Lombax you hate so much”

“Maybe, but I’m still not making a squishy” Nefarious said.

“Well, you think about it sir.” Lawrence then put the fur on a table next to him, “but of chores, its your call” he then leaves the room.

Nefarious then laugh to himself, “Lawrence, you’re funny sometimes, make a clone. Ha. I knew you were kidding.” Nefarious then thought about it. “Or were you.”

Nefarious then walk up to the table, and picked up the fur. He again thought about it. “Would it be a good idea to make a clone?” he thought to himself.

“HAHA, yes, I shall make a clone,” he laughs evilly.

End of chapter 1

you can comment if you guys would like, i can use feedback
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xx Re: Project UTS632 chapter 1
« Reply #1 on: Apr 6th, 2009, 09:18am »

Ahh... screw this whole Sasha thing. If Angela was in it, it would be better.

(I will be back when Lombox Queen and other Angela haters/Sasha fans stop throwing rotten fruits at me.)
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xx Re: Project UTS632 chapter 1
« Reply #2 on: Aug 12th, 2009, 06:04am »

Sasha or not, it dose'nt matter but GET THAT STUPID VOICE OUT HER THROAT! It makes me wanna punch the keyboard just hearing it.
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