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Mar 23rd, 2018, 9:22pm

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xx Setzer Sky: Silent Murder
« Thread started on: Apr 11th, 2006, 6:08pm »

I haven't begun work on the story yet, but this is my preparation thread. There will three parts to Setzer Sky. Silent Murder is Part One.

Plot: The year is 2802, and as you have probably guessed, the world is very technically minded. Cars are replaced by hoverships, guns are replaced by hi-tech weaponry. The only left to replace is humanity itself.

Detective Lucas Kenworth works for the NYPD circa 2802. Of course, murder, prejiduce, and suicide are still around in this future. But now, a string of gruesome murders are taking place, and they all point to one thing: Perfection. The murders are untraceable. No fingerprints, no disturbed dust, no DNA, nothing. How is a single man doing this? That's what Detective Kenworth is supposed to find out. Allies and enemies wait around every corner, and it all ends at the barrel of a gun. All signs point to a strange man named Setzer. He seems to be the next target on the killer's list. Will Detective Kenworth solve this mystery before the killer can finish his mission?


Detective Lucas Kenworth is the best man in the NYPD. Though he can be grouchy and tempermental, he is good at what he does, and that's good enough in his book. He was assigned to the supposedly unsolvable case, as everyone seems to think he can solve it.

Setzer Sky is a strange young man living in New York. The NYPD thinks he has a link to Kenworth's case, and so he's been put under heavy watch. Setzer is Censored y and sarcastic, and sometimes speaks in riddles, but he means well.

Victoria Vanderberg is another NYPD agent, and Kenworth's partner. She is beautiful, caring, friendly, and a pretty hardcore cop. She's not afraid to do whatever it takes to get whatever she needs. She'll go from beating some crack head in a dark alley to a real fatal attraction.

Roland Baxter is the owner of a small book store in New York. He is a good friend of Kenworth, and well known for his drinking problem. He reads a lot of books that he finds in the Nonfiction section, which he claims he had never known about, and is a very reliable source for forensic info.

Twilight is the so-called Untraceable Killer. His alias derives from the only information gathered from his murders: the data given from the body. The time of death for all of his victims has been around midnight. he uses various MO's, and before he strikes, thinks up new ways to kill and keep himself etnertained while doing it.

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