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xx Spyro : A Hero's Quest
« Thread started on: Oct 1st, 2006, 2:11pm »

Takes place after ANB. remember Elora, Hunter and Proffesor and other character's aren't here.
Disclamier: I do not own any Spyro characters but Vivendi does. but I do own my Quad friend's characters. or at least borrowed.
chapter 1: Mysterious happenings

Spyro was on his back on the grass with his old buddy Sparx. Spyro was so bored after he had defeated Cinder. Hey Spyro, why don't we go chase some sheep? buzzedd Sparx. nah chased to many things today. Until a voice spoke. Hahah, soon this Realm will be mine, then the voice vanished. Who was that? said Sparx. I don't know but let's go check it out, as they went to see what it was until they saw 4 shadowey figures going through a mysterious portal. Spyro and Sparx followed as they got sucked into a portal into a new realm they had never visited...
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xx Re: Spyro : A Hero's Quest
« Reply #1 on: Oct 2nd, 2006, 8:44pm »

not bad...though you may wanna add some length and stuff like that here n' there and be a little more descriptive.

"Also, when a character is's best to use quotation marks and indent a new paragraph," said Pengie the Fat Lil' Penguin.
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