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Jan 16th, 2018, 11:27pm

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xx Kevin
« Thread started on: Oct 23rd, 2005, 02:35am »

I just finished creating this character. I was wondering if this character was a Mary-Sue or not. What do you think? Is he a Mary-Sue?

Name: Kevin
Species: Half-mole, half-dragon
Age: 22 (dragon years)
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Stone Hill
Now Lives In: Autumn Plains
Parents: Michael (mole) from Stone Hill and Patricia (dragon) from Town Square
Father's Appearance: A medium-height, brown mole. He usually wears blue pants with a white shirt. He has brown eyes, and his nose is black. He wears black shoes.
Mother's Appearance: A tall, pink dragon. She has white wings and beige horns.
Kevin's Appearance: He is tall, and looks like a mole from the waist up and a dragon from the waist down. His scales are blue. He has the ability to breathe fire, water, electricity, and ice and fly with his beige wings. His fur is light brown, his nose is black, the area from his chest to his stomach is beige, and his eyes are brown. He has skinny, long arms. He is never seen without his green hat. His mouth extends almost from one end of his face to the other.
Personality: He is very nice and polite, but he is forgetful and of slightly-below-normal average intelligence.
Likes: Weather, adventures/traveling, reading
Dislikes: Villains
Friends: Spyro, Blink, Sparx, Flame, The Professor, Bentley, Hunter, Elora, Sheila
Enemies: Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, Sorceress, Moneybags, Red, Ineptune

History: During an art fair in the Artisans Home World 25 years ago, Michael met Patricia. They eventually got married, and Patricia, having little remaining family in Town Square, moved to Stone Hill with Michael. Shortly after that, Kevin was born.

His life was fairly uneventful, until when Gnasty Gnorc attempted to take over the Dragon Worlds, and he was frozen. He remained that way for about a day before Spyro came to free him.

After the defeat or Ripto in Avalar, they moved to a house a couple of miles east of the castle in Autumn Plains. That happened when Kevin was 16 years old.

They continue to live there to this day.
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xx Re: Kevin
« Reply #1 on: Oct 23rd, 2005, 06:22am »

hmmm intresting chara
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xx Re: Kevin
« Reply #2 on: Dec 19th, 2005, 01:54am »

very thought of a great character! grin
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Wow, Surprising that TTE decided to Unlock this place Again.....I'm the official First Poster.
Thanks TTE!
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