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Mar 23rd, 2018, 7:38pm

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xx Twins Zach and Tina profile thingy
« Thread started on: Oct 18th, 2005, 8:51pm »

Names: Zach and TIna
Species: Dragons ((Zach black Tina white))
breaths: Fire, Darkness, Bubble, Ice ((both))
Other powers: Zach: Glide, temporary flight, strength ((can smash big stuff)) can use powers of dark gems, telepathic link to sis

TIna: Glide, climb any non matalic serface, speed and smarts, can use power of dark gems telepathic link to bro

Small profile: Zach and Tina were born of the same egg which is why their so close yet sometimes opposites Red cursed them before they were born as part of an attempt to overtake the dragon relms as a resault both have dark gem in their blood without regular serum made by Tina ((she's the smart one)) they'll be overtaken and turn into beasts of destruction, the curse also left them with no legs and missing Tails without the immedeate care they got after birth they would of died now those parts are mechanical

their parents were captured by Red and they were left with an ultimadum bring him Spyro or they both die but the issue is this they both fell in love with both Spyro and Ember both Zach and Tina love both Spyro and Ember

((Now I KNOW this is NOT mary sue!))
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