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Jan 19th, 2018, 05:08am

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xx My Q4 Composition: Life of an Ace - The Belkan War
« Thread started on: Jun 11th, 2006, 03:54am »

Hey guys. I would like to make an announcement. I finally got my Q4 composition complete for my music class and wish to showcase it to you all.

It is a .wmv file, specifically, a converted video game trailer
with custom music and voiceovers. I took a flight sim
video and cut most of the original music from it and
replaced it with my own. I think of it as one of my
greatest works, and wish I could put this up on
DeviantArt but sadly that is not the case. I am also
having a hard time finding a reliable host for this. I finally did, but as usual YouTube greatly reduced the quality of both the vidoe and the audio so I reccomend you turn the volume up.

Knowing me, I never was COMPLETELY satisfied with what
I have done but I did ALOT of refining and tweaking
before the final version in the time I was given. I
hope you like it.

A little backstory first. What became kown as the
Belkan War started out with a fictional federal law
review that took place in the country of Belka in
1988. Amongst the economic panic, an extremely
right-wing party took control within Belka, and on
March 25th, 1995, Belka began to invade it's
neighbors. So begins the Belkan War.

I reccomend you turn your volume up high for this, as
it conveyes the best experience in my opinion, with
everything happening at once it recreates the chaotic
feeling of war, along with somewhat of a grand

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xx Re: My Q4 Composition: Life of an Ace - The Belkan
« Reply #1 on: Jun 12th, 2006, 01:27am »

I don't think I understood completely what part of the music, or voiceover is actually yours. I think on that part. I'll have to reread your description a few times, when I find myself in somewhat better state...

From what I've heard and seen though I'm impressed. The soundtrack, uncertain to what extend changed or adjusted, or simply newly inserted, fits the scenes perfectly, in terms of speed, chaos, events, and the overal despair of warfare on itself...

Do you happen to have the soundtrack solely on a file? I'm kind of curious to the effect of it seperate from any given screens... Apart from that, I just like it a lot...
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