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Mar 23rd, 2018, 7:30pm

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xx Artemis Fowl:The lost Colony
« Thread started on: Sep 27th, 2006, 08:08am »

Who here has read it? I thought it was really bad. I just finished it last night. Eoin Colfer was really flogging a dead horse. I wish he had just left it as an original trilogy but The Opal Deception was just as good as the others but this one went way off the mark.

The Demon thing was idiotic. There was never any word of demons in the other books! There was only like 2 chapters underground which isnt half enough and half way through the book Foaly got cut off and there wasnt any commander root, being dead and all from the last book. While we're on the subject of characters dying WTF happened with Holly? She was stabbed by Abbot and then something happened in time and she was back alive again?? Not that I wanted Holly to die she's the coolest. And the baddie Abbot was the worst baddie I've ever come across. He stole a book and an arrow and came back to Hybras acting like he's God. And all the power he had was stolen in the time tunnel. I would have been a good book if Minerva was the baddie and she was trying to do the same thing Artemis did in the first book and there was none of this demon crap. The ending is dire too. C'mon he was gone 4 a day and he comes home and it's three years later! And poor Butler what did he feel like for three for letting Artemis go without him? And his parents had twins! I loved Artemis as an only child!
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