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Mar 23rd, 2018, 7:36pm

Remember to give reasons why you like or don't like a certain character. Just saying "Ripto Sucks!" is not going to earn you any friends over here. ;)

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 poll_icon  Poll  Poll Question: If there is a new spyro game, who do you want to play as?
Bentley VotesImageVotes 0 (0%)
Zoe VotesImageVotes 0 (0%)
Elora! VotesVotesVotes 2 (40%)
Moneybags VotesImageVotes 0 (0%)
Professor VotesVotesVotes 1 (20%)
Bianca! VotesVotesVotes 1 (20%)
Minibags VotesImageVotes 0 (0%)
Others VotesVotesVotes 1 (20%)
Total votes: 5  
 hotthread  Author  Topic: Play as who?  (Read 2356 times)
xx Re: Play as who?
« Reply #15 on: Aug 8th, 2011, 03:39am »

on Mar 6th, 2006, 4:30pm, Dark Faun wrote:
Games need characters who have some abilities. Sequels of games need such characters, without making them out-of-character... Lemme explain.
Or, if you don't want to read my long post, scroll down to my vote.

WARNING: LONG POST. (ain't I so boring?)

Bentley: As shown (or rather played) in Year of the Dragon, everyone's favourite yeti can smash everything on its pace, including the stereotype that yetis don't know the first thing of vocabulary.
With a few lessons from Moneybags, he can learn new tricks... Can be interesting.

Zoe: Is that a bird? A plane? No, it's Zoe, who can zap puny dictators such as Ripto and ridiculize them in two minutes flat! Fight hords of bees and bats in dark tunnels as...
Wait, that sounds like a remake of Sparx's levels. Might be nice.

Elora: I waited that one. For some reason, everybody wants to play as Elora, even though she never was that useful (Hunter was more helpful to Spyro than Elora in Gateway to Glimmer, and even more in Year of the Dragon). And besides tricks that Moneybags would teach, her only special ability is to kick hard. Soooo...

Moneybags: Play as the scourge of society! Track down your rich targets before trapping them so that only you can help them! For a fee of course. Run for your life as angry mobs chase you!
As he was able to teach those tricks, Moneybags can technically swim, climb and headbash. Knowing how slim he is, it'll be fun to look at him climbing or headbashing. (more like buttbashing; not that he doesn't have a hard head.)

The Professor: ...I can picture it. Explore caves full of monsters, equipped only with your pencil and broken glasses! Look at your foes cower in fear as you throw complicated formulas at their poor brains! Make the bosses stronger so that they can squish you easier!

Bianca: She does have a few qualities. She can use magic and is stealthy enough to steal dozens of eggs. Her relation to the Sorceress can be explained further in a game where she's the star. And to obliterate clich�s, Bianca will be the knight in her shining armor who must save the cat in distress Hunter who was trapped by the alien sheep out of revenge.

Minibags: ...Seriously. Half SFA doesn't even know him. Unless he becomes the next Conker. Short and rude, YEAH!


*votes Others*

I would like Hunter as the new hero. His levels were the most interesting in A Hero's Tail (was this game even interesting?), and his countless helps to Spyro proves that he's more than fit to be a hero. WATCH OUT VIDEO GAMES, HERE HE COMES! thanks. I wanted May to become the next Conker, thank you very much.

I'd vote Others, because of Cynder and May. But I'd say May, because I love May SO SO SO SO much.
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xx Re: Play as who?
« Reply #16 on: Aug 8th, 2011, 03:41am »

Speaking of others, I'd like characters from Ratchet and Clank to come and play too. Not the sue we call Sasha, of course. )X
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