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Mar 23rd, 2018, 04:06am

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xx Re: What are all the skill points in YOTD?
« Reply #15 on: Nov 26th, 2004, 8:45pm »

Okie padokies, KT. Here are the skill points for Ripto's Rage, courtsey of CheatHeaven, If your PS1 ever gets repaired.

1. In Colusus, get a perfect score. (5-0) while playing hockey 1 on 1.
2. In Idol Springs, glide and land on the big idol next to the hula girl.
3. In Fracture Hills, charge through the supercharge lap three times without stopping.
4. In Skelos Badlands, destroy all the Cacti.
5. In Skelos Badlands, kill all the flying CatBats.
6. In Aquaria Towers, destroy all the seaweed.
7. In Hurricos, destroy all the little windmills.
8. In Scorch, knock coconuts out of all the trees.
9. Defeat Crush without being wounded.
10. Defeat Gulp without being wounded.
11. Defeat Ripto without being wounded.
12. While fighting Gulp, shoot a rocket at Ripto.
13. Beat Ocean Speedway in under 1:10.
14. Beat Canyon Speedway in under 1:10.
15. Beat Metro Speedway in under 1:15.
16. Beat Icy Speedway in under 1:15.

At the very end of Ripto's Rage, when you get all the skill points. you do get to see the epilogue, or what happened after the game. Get half the skill points, and view half the epilogue. Get the other half and view the whole thing.

A few words of advice:

Don't try to do the battles without getting injured without the Superflame. You can get the Superflame in Dragon Shores behind that door when you defeat the game with 100%. It makes them (Especially the one against Ripto) a hella lot easier because you aren't running around like ants on a picnic basket struggling to get orbs. Same thing goes for the seaweed in Aquaria Towers, then you don't have to worry about the mechanical sharks. In fact, the Superflame helps to accomplish a lot of the Skill Points.

As for the Speedways: Look for shortcuts. They help A LOT. Just flame things whenever they come arund to you, don't go in the order you're supposed to by getting each thing, one after another...blah.

If you follow this crap, it may help in everything except the 3 laps in Fracture Hills, which just takes concentration.
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