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 veryhotthread  Author  Topic: Spyro: Dragon of Destiny: Rising Destiny  (Read 3992 times)
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xx Re: Spyro: Dragon of Destiny
« Reply #60 on: Jun 5th, 2006, 11:11am »

Spyro is snoring loudly as Ember walks onto the screen. She sighs and shakes her head as goes over and licks Spyro on the cheek. He wakes up and looks at her as she points at the screen. He looks out at the audience and blushes.

Spyro says, as he clears his throat, "Welcome back!" Ember grins and runs off the screen as Spyro runs after her yelling, "Wait until I get my paws on you!"

"Yes, Drake has been coming around here a long time now. I admire his determination but we both know that he is wasting his time. I made sure ages ago that the Destiny Gate would only open for Dragons of my clan's magical signature. Your clan and the Peace Keeper Clan is an exception to the rule. I refuse to let the Shadow Dragons get their paws on the information contained in this tower. I have protected this tower for ages. I promised my mother, the former Lore Keeper, that I would protect our clan's ancient history and great knowledge." He then looked over at Milo who was stepping down from the secret hovering Transportal Network Traveling Light Disc. He smiled as his serious side relaxed letting his normal cheerful side return. "Milo, how have you been? Still chasing the girls and breaking their hearts." Milo grinned sheepishly.

"Actually, I stopped doing that two years ago when I found Dana, my dream girl. She is beautiful, brilliant and most of all she loves to talk about many of the same things I like to talk about." Milo said as he adjusted his blue jacket. Cale grinned and released Artimas and nodded as Milo finished.

"I am glad you found someone, Milo. I hope you treat her with the respect she deserves." Cale said as he gave Milo a stern look that wasn't meant to be harsh. "Do you understand what I am saying, young one." Milo nodded as he grabbed his case off the light disc as it lowered into the floor and shut off..

Artimas bowed respectfully to Cale and Cale returned the bow with one of his own. "Forgive me, old friend, but me and my son were in the neighborhood and decided that maybe it would be nice to visit you." The Lore Keeper smiled as his clothes transformed into a short flowing open chest white robe. As the robe transformed it revealed a tall, white chested gold dragon, who despite his great age, was very muscular. His body had a few battle scars and purple stipes that ran down his face around his square shape jaw. On top of his head four silver and gold streaked colored horns elgantly sat. A row of sharp similarly colored spikes ran down his back and to the tip of his long tail that ended in a white spade shape tip. Cale stretched and snapped his silver colored claws on his right paw making three chairs appear.

Cale gestured to the chairs and said, "Have a seat, old friend. Tell me the REAL reason you are here." Artimas and Milo sat. As soon as they had taken their seats a square table appeared in front of them. Artimas looked at Milo and nodded. Milo returned the nod as he put his case on the table and opened it up revealing holographic console that powered up on light gem energy and displayed past video images of Spyro and Flame talking and fighting each other in the Professor's lab. Cale frowned as he looked at the image as Flame started to transform before he jumped through the portal not long after. He looked up from the images being played and sighed. "So, it would appear that history is about to repeat itself again, old friend."

Artimas sat back in his chair and nodded as he said, "Yes, old friend, it does. Spyro and his friends are already on their way here to save Flame. You do know that you and Spyro will have to meet, Cale. I can't tell him what being the Dragon of Destiny really means." Cale growled softly and stood up walking away from Artimas and Milo. Artimas got up and walked over to his friend placing a paw on his left shoulder. "I know how you feel about this but only you can tell Spyro what he needs to know. You once was what he is now." Cale looked at Artimas sadly and nodded.

"I know, Artimas. I remember being young. I remember when I was chosen to be the Dragon of Destiny. I never knew what the title meant or what being the Chosen One of legend really was until I was chosen. Artimas, every time I remember those days it brings a tear to my eye. I lost so much just to become what I was born to be. Spyro has no idea what awaits him. You didn't tell him. Did you?" Artimas sighed and shook his head.

"No, Cale, I didn't tell him. I think he suspects I know about the nature of his powers but he hasn't asked me so I have kept what little I know to myself. Only you, Cale as the former Dragon of Destiny can reveal the harsh truth to him. He is the Inheritor of the destiny power for this generation."

"But what about his brother, Artimas?" Cale said sadly as he glanced at a wall covered in stone carvings of the long line of dragons who had been born to be the Dragons of Destiny and Chaos. "How can I tell him what I know he won't take well. I know he won't like what I tell him because I didn't like what I was told about my own brother." Cale looked at Artimas sadly as he gently rubbed a claw over the stone carving that represent his brother. "I miss him, Artimas, I never thought I would have to lose so much just to fulfill a destiny, that now that I am able to look back on, I never really wanted. Oh brother I really wish things could have been different between us..."

Cale's Memory of Ages Past...

Back then before I assumed the thrown of leader of the Vanguardian Clan, I learned that I was chosen, not only by my mother, but by the Ascendants to be the hero of legend: The Dragon of Destiny. At the time I was happy and honored to be chosen for such an honorary duty. Being chosen to be the Dragon of Destiny was said among the warrior clans to be the greatest honor a warrior dragon could ever recieve. My mother, a red dragoness had been chosen to be the Dragon of Destiny before me and I was the one chosen to inherited her duty and be her successor. I remember how honored I felt to walk in my mother's footsteps.

My mother, Clan Elder Tala, had been one of the few legendary Dragons of Destinies that, like the others before her, who had been born into the chaotic times of the Clan Wars. During that time she had been trained to fight and kill, if necessary, other dragons from the time she was hatched to when she met up with her friends. Together with her friends, she survived many battles and became a hero among the members of our clan, The Vanguard Guardians. As time passed, she became aware that her powers were developing along paths she didn't understand or believe possible. Not to long after, she met a young Dragon named Galen. Galen and my mother became good friends despite the fact that Galen was not what he appeared to be. In the end, Galen ended up being revealed to be an assasin sent by the Crimson Guard. My mother's friends had tried to stop him but he still mangaged to carry out his mission and kill her before he ran disappearing into the shadows like the coward he is. That was when she had returned different. Her wounds healed and her destiny revealed. After that, she and her friends for the rest of their long lives helped bring peace, hope and prosperity. Over time, her noble efforts, along with her friends and other brave dragons, brought the Clan Wars to an end. Afterward, she had remained the Dragon of Destiny for two centuries before she had finally decided to find a soulmate, settle down and become a mother. The funny thing about her plans is that the Ascendants had other plans for her.

She fell in love with a strong brave gold dragon of the then noble Shadow Dragon Warrior Clan. The gold dragon was my father, Kalor. Kalor and Tala became mates and not long afterward me, my brother, Deon and my sister were born.

Unfortunately, my father didn't live long enough to see us grow up because he was killed protecting me and my mother from some old Clan War enemies who decided they wanted to have their revenge on Tala for her role in their defeat two centuries before. So in the end, my mother ended up raising all of us. We grew up into health strong young dragons and became protectors of the realm. We became known as the Vanguard Trio. We fought together and went everywhere together. Me and my siblings were close and we promised each other that we would always be that way. Unfortunately, it seems that destiny was about to play a cruel trick on all of us...

As time passed and we grew older, we began to undergo changes that would eventually drive a wedge between us. Soon my brother and sister began to fight with each other and I would often have to break their fights up. Our mother did whatever she could to stop the fighting but no matter what she did she couldn't stop the fighting. The fighting continued for years until my brother finally went to far. It had started with my sister picking at him. She hadn't meant any harm and we even laughed about it but my brother didn't seem to like being picked at. He had started fighting with my sister and the fight became very violent. I tried to stop it but he knocked me out. When I awoke awhile later I discovered, to my horror, that my sister was dead and my brother was covered in her blood.

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xx Re: Spyro: Dragon of Destiny
« Reply #61 on: Jun 5th, 2006, 11:23am »

Spyro and Ember are still chasing each other as Hunter laughs and says, turning to the audience, "We're back...

"Brother, what have you done?!" I yelled as I looked at my brother. My brother didn't turn around to face me so I grabbed him roughfully by his shoulder and turned him around to face me. The look in his green eyes was strange and seemed a little off. There was this look of shock and rage that just didn't make any sense. "Brother, what's wrong?" My brother's eyes suddenly widened as they changed from green to a dark swirling gold as he looked at me and growled. His face seem to take on a dark sinister change as he smiled.

"Nothing is wrong, brother. I was just trying to make our sister shut up and stop laughing at me." He said in a very deep eerie voice that made me back away from him.

"Brother, our sister didn't deserve this. She was only kidding with you like we always have done since we were hatchlings. She loved you and me." My brother laughed then as he looked me in the eye.


"Brother, you know that isn't true. What has happened to you?" I asked. He wipped some of my sister's blood off his of his silver scales as he slowly turned away from me. "ANSWER ME, BROTHER!" I had yelled as I ran toward him only to get knocked backwards by a black barrier of energy that seem to surround him. "Brother....!"

He glanced back over his shoulder with sad eyes that now had reverted back to his normal green eyes. "Forget about me, Cale. I no longer exist as the dragon you once called your brother. I am dead to you and everyone."

"Nooo, I will find someone who can help you. I will save you." He had looked at me and laughed an emotionally empty laugh.

"Don't make promises that you know you can't keep, Cale. Until we meet again. Goodbye." After he said that he had left and history took a dark turn after that. My mother discovered what had happened to my brother and she had been horrified to learn that it had something to do with the destiny she had given up years before and I had been given. That was when I truly became the chosen one... I became her TRUE successor. I became the new Dragon of Destiny in more then name only and learned the horrible truth about the legends that surround me and my brother.


Cale looked at Artimas with tears in his eyes. "I learned that me and my brother were chosen by two opposing forces to be their warriors. I was chosen, like my mother before me and others before her to be the champion of the Ascendants, the DRAGON OF DESTINY. My brother, became my opposite... my shadow. Chosen by the forces of darkness known as the Fallen. He was to be their champion and bring chaos and destruction to the worlds. He became the DRAGON OF CHAOS. My god, Artimas, I didn't want to accept that because I loved my brother but I was forced to realize that was the horrible truth." Cale said as he angrily balled his paws into fists. "I would have to kill my brother.... MY OWN FLESH AND BLOOD BROTHER. The brother I had shared so many joyful and happy experiences with. The brother, me and my sister had shared our fears and inner most secrets with. I loved him, Artimas and still do even to this day. I didn't want to kill him. I wanted to save him but here was my own mother who was just as heartbroken and horrified as I telling me the awful truth. I couldn't save him. No matter how much I wanted to or tried to. I question my mother and what she told me convinced me that I had to let him go." Cale sighed as he looked at a painting of his brother and sister smiling with him when they were younger. "Being the Dragon of Destiny, Artimas, maybe a honor but it is also a burden. A very heavy burden. And at that moment I didn't want that burden on my shoulders but I had no choice. I had to stop my brother before he destroyed the balance of the world and killed others in the process."

So when we met again ten years later, we faced each other not as brothers but as enemies. "Deon, I don't care what our mother told me. I know there has to be some way to save you from the hold that darkness has over you."

"Be quiet, Cale!" Deon growled as he unsheathed black claws that seem to glow with dark energy and slashed at me with his left paw. Dark energy streaked out of the slash and I ducked the energy slash. "Give up, Cale! It's too late to save me." He then quickly repeated the motion with his other paw catching me off guard. The hit sent me spinning backwards through the air and into a rock wall. As I slammed into the wall it cracked. Deon wasted no time and pressed on with his attack. He waved his black claws in mid-air summoning the gold Staff of Chaos. He growled and threw the staff at me. I saw it coming and pulled myself out of the wall and flew up to avoid it. The staff, instead of hitting the wall, followed after me.

"What the....." I growled as I flew around trying to shake the staff off of my path. The staff seemed to know what I was doing and continue to follow me until I summoned my own staff and spun around in mid-air hitting the staff with my own which sent it flying to the ground quickly where it imbedded itself into the rock hard ground. I looked up at my brother and asked, "How did you do that, Deon?" Deon laughed as he moved his clawed right paw in the direction of the ground. I looked down and saw the Staff of Chaos glow black before coming free from the ground and flying up into his outstretched paw. He caught it and spun it around quickly to face me.

"It's quite simple, Cale. I can mentally control my staff. I am surprised you can't do it. You never did take your training seriously. Too bad...."

"What do you mean 'too bad', brother?" I asked and he growled angrily as his eyes flashed gold.


"NOooo," I roared as I looked at him with tear-filled glowing gold eyes. "You are not Donovan the Demon! You are my brother, Deon. That name once meant great honor but the Fallen corrupted it. Open your eyes and see the truth, brother. They are using you to do their dirty work. They don't know the TRUE you. I do and the Deon I know would never work for the forces of darkness." Deon growled and charge me with his staff raised and I answer his attack with my own staff. As the two staffs collided a shockwave of energy blasted outwards away from us reducing nearby rocks to powder. I swung my staff at Deon and Deon spun backwards away from my swing. His second pair of black feathered wings started glowing and he brought them foward.

"CHAOS WING....!" He roared and black feathers flew off his black wings becoming dark streaks of energy. I frowned as the dark energy feathers came at me. I put my own gold wings in front of myself and shielded myself from the attack. It hurt like hell but I survived that attack and returned one of my own. I opened my wings and flew straight up. Deon looked up and tried to follow my quick movement but I managed to fly fast enough to only appear as a blur. I flew around in a circle quickly gathering my energy into a swirling storm of golden light. Deon growled and shot another 'Chaos Wing' at me and I spun out of the way. Soon all four of my gold wings glowed and I flew up then took a dive straight at Deon. Deon tried to move but I was flying way to fast for him to avoid my attack.

"SHINING WINGS OF DESTINY." I roared as my wings became nothing more then just pure energy. I flew around quickly streaking passed him letting the energy contained in my wings rip into him making his roar out in pain. 'I am sorry, brother, but you have left me no choice but to try and knock you back to your senses with this attack.' I thought as I finally finished my attack by grabbing Deon's left arm and swinging him around sending him spinning into and through a rock wall. My wings returned to normal after that and I hovered in the air regaining my energy. Unfortunately, Deon apparently wasn't out for the count because I felt a horrible pain erupt from my right shoulder as he sunk his black clawed left paw in my shoulder sending black lightning through my body. I roared in pain and slowly spun around dazed just in time to get a hard punch in the face from his right paw. The punch sent me flying backwards into what I thought was going to be a wall of rock but I soon discovered that Deon was unleashing his own powerful attack on me allowing him to make a magical double of himself. Instead of hitting the wall of rock I collided with Deon's double who had been waiting patiently for me. The double swung around in an arc as I sailed under him and then used his large tail to hit me in the head knocking me straight down into the ground. As I hit the ground I felt one of my wings snap and as it did I blacked out in pain....


Bianca smiles and says, "And now I will perform a magic trick and make myself disappear." She spun her wand around and chanted. "Ta da!" A scream is heard from the background as she looks back and sees Spyro laying on the ground twitching with smoke rising up off his body. Ember is glancing in her direction with a grin on her face. Bianca blushes with embarrassment. "Sorry about that, Spyro, I seem to have gotten my vanishing spells and lightning spells mixed up... he he. Take care everyone. We'll be back to the show after I get through patching Spyro up."
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xx Re: Spyro: Dragon of Destiny
« Reply #62 on: Jun 5th, 2006, 11:38am »

Spyro is in a beach chair wrapped up like a mummy groaning as Ember sats next to him. Bianca is grinning. "Sorry about that, Spyro. How are you feeling?"

Spyro glares at her and groans, "I'm...hurzing!" Bianca nods and looks back the audience.

"We now continue." She says.

When I woke up later on I found myself bound and hanging over a lava pit. My wing was healed and no longer hurt but it still made no difference considering the fact that Deon had the upper paw. I looked over at him and saw that Deon was smiling at me as he adjusted his grey battle armor. "It looks like I win, Cale." He said calmly as he came over and punched me in the gut knocking the air out of me. "Chaos shall now reign supreme over order and the world as you know it will end." He unsheathed a single sharp black claw from his left paw and started slicing the rope that held me up away from the lava. "Good bye, Dragon of Destiny. Your destiny ends.... now!" He said as his claw cut through the rope and I fell to what should have been my doom but it seems I got lucky because you guys decided to show up right when I needed you.

"Heh heh, your right Cale, your brother's expression was priceless. I loved the 'what the hell' expression he had on his face when me and Mara brought you back up to the platform and dropped you off just as he was starting to leave. He turned around pretty quickly." Artimas said with a smile. Cale returned the smile.

"Deon always was overconfident and that is what saved me. He wanted to make me suffer to prove he was stronger then me. Why? I don't know. I guess the Fallen really did one hell of a head job on him." Cale said sadly as his memory returned to the past again.

"Greetings, brother," I said as I ran and jumped at him.

"What the..." He said as he turned slowly and ducked as he did. I sailed over him hit the floor and rolled back onto my feet. After that, we started glowing as our bodies transformed back to our four winged warrior forms. As soon as transformation ended we went at each other in a battle to the death. This is where the battle really got nasty... You and Mara along with Drake and two other dragons joined the battle and fought by my side as my brother threw everything he had at us.


"In the end, after fighting him for three whole days non-stop we finally gained the upper paw and cast him down." Cale said sadly. Artimas nodded. Milo's facial expression was one of awe at what he was hearing from both elder dragons.

"Yes, we did, Cale and as I recalled that was the moment we met a very unwelcomed guest." Artimas said with a frown.

Cale growled as he said, "Oh, yes, I remember HIM. That snake of a dragon seems to love to cause trouble.

After Deon had crashed into the rock hard ground breaking his back on impact, a familiar dragon appeared in front of us. He smiled at us, especially me. Clapping his paws together he said, "Bravo, Dragon of Destiny, you won! Amazing, I didn't think you would have a chance." He turned and looked down at Deon laying on the ground broken. "What a pity, I really though that this time the Dragon of Chaos of this generation would succeed in killing you. No matter... There is always next time!" I growled as I grabbed him and started to strangle him.

"YOU COLD-HEARTED SCUM SUCKING SNAKE!" I growled in his face. "You Fallen Ones don't care who you hurt as long as you defeat the Ascendants and bring all the worlds to a chaotic end!" Galen smiled and turned into a black mist that floated out of my paws becoming his solid form again. Galen then punched me in stomach bowing me over his arm.

"YOU ARE RIGHT... WE DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU MORTALS. YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THEN TOYS TO US. OH AND HERE IS A WARNING...." He punched me again making me gasp out in pain. "BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU TREAD, CALE! I AM MORE POWERFUL THEN YOU CAN POSSIBLY BELIEVE! YOU MAYBE THE DRAGON OF DESTINY BUT TO ME YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THEN A NOVICE HATCHLING IN THIS POWER GAME. IF YOU EVER AGAIN TRY TO HURT ME I WILL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO REALLY CRY ABOUT!" He paused and then laughed. "Then again maybe I should just kill you myself and get this over with. Besides I am tired of this war. The war between the Ascendants and Fallen has gone on and on for ages and enough is enough!" Galen growled as he started strangling me with only one paw. I tried to move and growled out as I felt dark electric energy flow into my system paralyzing me.

"LET MY SON GO YOU NO GOOD LYING SCUM!" My mother roared as she suddenly showed up with a glowing sword in her paw. Galen looked up at my mother and laughed.

"Tala, nice to see you again after all this time. Be a dear and let me finish killing your son. Once I am done you are free to TRY and avenge him." Galen said with a laugh as he squeezed my throat harder. Tala only growled, spun around to behind Galen and swung the glowing sword around and thru Galen's neck making him roar out in pain and let go of me as his body changed into black mist again and flew back rematerilizing into his solid form. As he did he grabbed his throat with his right paw. He pulled the paw back and looked at the black blood that had come from the slow closing wound the sword had inflicted on him. "Well, I see you finally mastered summoning one of the greatest Dragon of Destiny weapons."

"Yes, Galen, I have learned how to summon the Destiny Blade. And as you know it can inflict horrible wounds on you and the other Fallen." My mother said with narrowed gold eyes. Galen growled but didn't move as his own swirling black eyes glowed. An icy white pupil appeared in the depths of his eyes. "Be gone, Galen and trouble us no more." Galen laughed as he stared at my mother.

"Sorry, babe, but you know that I can't do that. As long as the Realm worlds exist the war will go on. You and your son are nothing more then pawns in a game so big and long that you have no idea just what is really going on. There is more to this then meets the eye, my dear. Until we meet again and believe me when I say WE will indeed meet again." Galen said with a smile as he blew a kiss to my mother and started fading away. Just before he vanished completely he said, "Oh, I'll tell Kalor you said hi. Poor chap, needs some good news before he becomes one of us. Ha ha!"

"YOU NO GOOD CREEP. HOW DARE YOU AND YOUR KIND PLAY WITH SOULS LIKE THIS!" My mother roared as she tossed the Destiny Blade at the vanishing black mist. The blade did no harm but it did make Galen's laugh sound more taunting as he vanished compltely. "Galen... Galen, come back here and fight me you coward!" I placed a paw on my mother's heaving shoulders and she started to cry as I wrapped my arms around her in a hug.

"Let it go, mom. One day, Galen will get what he deserves. I know he will." I said softly. My mom pulled away from me and looked me in the eye as she raised her left paw in the air catching the Destiny Blade as it returned to her. The Destiny Blade glowed and changed back into my mother's gold staff.

"Go, check on Deon, Cale. I'll join you in a minute." She said softly as she wiped the tears from her eyes. I nodded and went down to see if he was dead or alive. He was alive and still willing to fight me. Unfortunately, for him, even though his will to fight was still strong his body was too tired and damaged to continue the fight. I looked down on him with tears in my eyes as I bent down on one knee to gently grab his left paw in my own.

"I am here, brother, I told you I wouldn't let the darkness take you from me. We have been fighting each other off and on for the last ten years and I never gave up because I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever it took to get you back. I just wish it hadn't took a batle to the death between us to bring this about." My brother looked up at me as blood trickled out of his mouth and smiled.

"I am so sorry, Cale. I wish I could go back and undo all that I have done. I have caused so much misery and pain." Tears fell from his eyes as he said that. "I was a fool to listen to the lies that Galen told me." At that moment, Tala showed up and walked over to us dropping to her knees as new tears filled her eyes.

"Cale, Deon, I never meant for any of this to happen. I wanted to be happy and I wanted all of you to be happy and live long happy lives free of the burden and legacy of my past. What a fool I was putting such a painful burden on your shoulders, Cale. Being the Dragon of Destiny has never been easy for me but because I was born an only child I never thought about the fact that where there is good there is always evil. Everything has an opposite side to it. I..."

"No, mother," I said with tears falling from my eyes. "We are free to chose what path our destinies take. You had nothing to do with what happened here. It isn't your fault." Deon smiled in agreement.

"It is my fault for letting myself be manipulated by the darkness and lies of the Fallen. Cale is right, mother, you are not to blame. I messed up and it cost me. Oh, Serena, I am so sorry for what I did to you sister." He said sadly. Deon's silver scales started to glow as his body became transparent. "Looks like it time for me to go, Cale... mother." Deon said as his tear filled eyes started to droop heavily. As his eyes slowly closed he said, "I wish there was time left to tell both of you how truly sorry I am. Cale... mother.... I love you. Please forgive me for what I have done..."


Hunter relaxing on the beach glances over at the audience and says, "See ya after this."

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xx Re: Spyro: Dragon of Destiny
« Reply #63 on: Jun 5th, 2006, 12:00pm »

The sound of a mysterious voice laughs off screen. "I know you are wondering who I am... ha ha! Sorry, but you'll have to wait until season two to find out my identity. In the mean time welcome back to the show."

I smiled and griped his paw tighter. "We forgive you, Deon." Deon's eyes then went wide and then closed. "Tell, Serena hi for us." I whispered as the paw I was holding in my own fell through mine and hit the ground. His body glowed white and then vanished into a silver sparkling ball that floated around us before it sped up and flew into the night sky.

I opened my paw and noticed that a silver scale sat there. I gently closed my paw around it and looked up at the night sky as tears flowed down my face. "I love too, Deon. Rest in peace, my brother." I said in a whisper as my mother grabbed me in a hug and started to cry. I held her in my arms and let the warm evening breeze carry away not only our tears of lost and sorrow but of joy. My brother came back to me in the end. Not in the way I wanted but still...."


"...I got him back, Artimas. That is all that counts." Cale said as he looked at Artimas and Milo. He then looked at the screen and saw that the Portal Jumper carrying Spyro and his friends had landed. Cale sighed and said, "Looks like the war continues on. Time for me to get invovled and see if I can make a difference. I will not sit idly by and let Spyro go thru what I had to go thru. If there is a way to save Spyro's brother from the dark rage brewing inside of him then I will help Spyro find it. This war must end... enough is enough!" Artimas nodded in agreement as he and Cale prepared themselves for the storm that was about to come.

*Screen fades to black*

'DRAGON OF DESTINY....' [Echoes twice before drum beats start in the back ground]
'SPYRO' [A flame burns the logo into metal as it appears on the screen and then water is poured on the metal making it steam up and shatter like glass revealing different locations of the Dragon Realm, Avalar and the Forgotten Realm.]

New Song 'Moving on to a New Day' begins.

'Moving on to a New Day,
Moving on to the future.
No turning back.
[echoes once]

Images of the sun rising with a white jacket wearing Spyro and Ember sitting together looking up at the horizon with pictures of Hunter and Bianca sleeping in each other's arms on the beach at Dragon Shores. Elora is on Avalor training and pauses to look up at the rising sun with a smile. Sgt. Byrd with the Professor's help is tuning up his rocket pack while Sheila and Bentley talk and then pause as they look out the window of the professor's lab to watch the sun rising.

'Yesterday is gone,
Stand up and face the future.
With your head held high to the sky,
Nothing ever stays the same.

Image of Flame and Spyro split screen. Flame is looking solemn with tears in his eyes while Spyro turns to face his brother and hugs him closing his eyes as tears fall from them and a gentle breeze blows around them both stirring up Spyro's white jacket and Flame's black jacket as their tears are carried away.

As we move on to a new day,
Everything changes more and more,
And that's truth.
Nothing stays the same.
As we move on to a new day.
[To a new day echoes]

Images of Reeco sitting at a monitor and looking bored at the display of Spyro and Flame hugging before he stands and turns it off and looks at a picture of his younger brother Cael with tears in his eyes. Ryua walks around the Citadel and goes out on the balcony to look at the moonlight with an sad smile expression on her face.

I know it is not easy,
To move on to the future now.
To let go of all that you are,
And become what you are destined to become,
No turning back, No turning back...

Image of Flame roaring as Hunter and the others run away from rushing river. Flame dives in front of the large wave of water and begins to spin as his feathered wings glow red and he becomes a flaming tornado of fiery energy stopping the wave. As his friends make it to safety, Flame flies toward them and lands giving them a smile.

Moving on to a New Day,
Nobody said that it would be easy,
And I know it in my heart and soul.
Know in my heart and soul.
[echoes once]
That's the truth.

Images of Ember and Spyro flying together in the moonlight. Hunter on Avalar helping his old childhood friends rebuild Willowbrook with Bianca using her magic to lift a large rock up to repair the palace. Once the rock is in the right place, Hunter uses his gauntlet bow to fire some fire bows to melt the rock in place. Jordan, Chrisitan and Crystal pat Hunter on the back as Bianca smiles and wipes the sweat from her brow.

But with my friends by my side we'll make it to,
To a new day.
To a new day,
We will make to a new day together,

Images of Spyro and Flame with their mother and father celebrating with everyone. Artimas flies and lands as Milo crashes into Ember. Everyone laughs as Milo runs and Ember runs after him. Amanda smiles as she and Tobin sit together on a bench watching the party. Elora sits by herself as Spyro walks over to her and sits down giving her a smile as he gestures for her to join everyone else at the party. She smiles and together with Spyro join the party.

As we all move on to a New Day,
We mustn't forget yesterday.
All we lost and gained,
Has made us who we are today.
As we move ahead,
To the future with hope in our hearts.

Final Image of Spyro and his friends, old and new, all standing in action poses against a Huge Dark Dragon that stands before them. Spyro's eyes turn gold as they charge at the dragon. White feathers fill the sky and float around spinning as the image of Spyro and all his friends appear on the screen freeze in photo style as the final Drum beats sound and then stop.

Dragon of Destiny moving on to a brand new day,
Spyro: Dragon of Destiny

Episode Six - Dragon Rage: Part Three - Brothers In Arms

Shadow Realm.... Three hours later...

A glowing blue swirly tunnel appeared in the swirling dark clouds of the Shadow Realm. The tunnel flashed as a white streak exited the tunnel and materialized into the Team Skyler Time Jumper. The portal closed behind the Time Jumper as it flew down through the dark clouds turning invisible as it entered the Skull Mountain range heading in the direction of the ruins of Vanguard Command and the legendary Vanguardian Tower of Lore and Knowledge. Inside the Jumper, Skyler and Blaze sat quietly at the holographic controls. "So, why are we here anyway, oh great leader?" Khan asked as the Jumper landed silently on a what once was a landing platform for the ancient Vanguard Command Defense Corp Building.

Skyler frowned and looked at Khan as the computer unlocked the chair harness from around their shoulders. "Khan, we are here to make sure that no one or thing interferes with what must happen here." Sean the dragonfaun stood up and stretched as the Jumper powered down and the side door opened.

"So, let me guess, she is expecting us isn't she, cousin?" Sean asked as he and the others pulled off their normal Team Skyler uniforms and put on their normal much lighter black armor jackets. The form fitting jackets securely fasten to their muscular forms. Skyler nodded and gestured for his team mates to follow him to the secret entrance that led to the interior of a secret Timecore underground facility that was near the ruins of the Vanguard Command Alpha. As they descending into the chamber on a glowing light disc, a tall black scaled dragoness dressed in an long silver robe walked up and placed a paw on her waist.

"Well, if it isn't Team Skyler. About time you guys showed up. You do know that you are late don't you?" She said. Skyler looked at her and frowned.

"Yeah, we know. Tell us what we missed, Ryua." He said even though he had an idea what had already happened. Ryua sat down in chair and waved her paw out in mid-air making a magical hologram appear.

"Before I tell you and the others anything, Skyler, I want you to promise me that you will tell Spyro that this facility needs to be moved further away from the ruins. It is dangerous for us to even be here as it is. The Lore Keeper may discover this place soon if we aren't careful and then we will really have a major problem. I don't want the future to get screwed up because of careless mistake on our part. That would just be so stupid!"

Skyler sighed and rolled his eyes. "Okay, I promise I will tell my dad. Now, could we please get on with it, Ryua? We don't have a lot of time to play around here!"

Ryua frowned and sighed as she said, "Very well, kiddo. Geez, you are worst then your old man was at your age. You do know that don't you?" Skyler lifted his right eye brow at her in surprise and then rolled his eyes. As he did that Ryua just watch his reaction in silence while a single thought ran through her mind... 'Yep, he is definitely like his father in the attitude department.' Skyler gave her a narrow eyed look as he heard her thoughts.

With a sigh, he said, "I heard that! I will admit that I do sometimes over react and lose my temper. Yeah, that is true, Ryua. However, I have been told that many times already by other people, including my own father... Please don't remind me again... Please!"

"Sorry about that, Skyler. I meant no disrespect to you." She then smiled. "I'll explain what you and your friends missed." Ryua then turned to Yua and whispered, "I don't know how you put up with him, Yua." Yua laughed softly.

"Aunt Ryua, Skyler can be impatient at times but he is a good leader." Yua said. Ryua smiled and nodded.

Time for a break...
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xx Re: Spyro: Dragon of Destiny
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The show now continues...

"I'll have to take your word for it. This is first time I have met him in person." She said in a teasing tone. Skyler sighed and Ryua laughed. "Yep, your are your father's son alright." Her comment made Skyler sigh and shake his head. Ryua grinned at the irritated expression on Skyler's face. "Sorry about picking at you, I'll stop now and tell you and your teammates what you all want to know. Your highness this is what you and your friends missed...."

Three hours earlier...

The Portal Jumper stablized fully as the holographic control systems started to reactivate. Amanda restored the original guidance controls to the holographic console but still kept the manual control console out just in case there was malfunction again. The Portal Jumper flew on and landed outside a series of caves that led to the cave entrance of the Destiny Gate.

As the Portal Jumper powered down the back door opened and Spyro, who was slipping on his new white battle armor jacket, stepped out and looked around at the landscape. "This realm is definitely one I don't want to spend my next vacation visiting. Come on guys lets go find Flame." Spyro said and then his eyes narrowed as he balled his paws into fists. "The sooner we find him the sooner we can deal with Reeco and undo what he did to Flame." Spyro looked at the dark cave entrance and turned to Bianca. "Yo, Bianca, care to shed some light on our path." Bianca smiled and raised her wand.

"No problem, Spyro. One lighted cave path coming up." She said as she waved the wand in the air and cast a spell that made a hovering mage light appear over each of their heads. Once the spell was cast Spyro and his friends entered the cave...

One hour later...

'Good grief,' Spyro thought to himself quietly as they continued to walk on and on through the massive cave path. 'Does this stupid cave ever end.' Spyro sighed getting Ember's attention.

"What's wrong, Spyro?" She asked as the group paused at crossroad of three paths. Spyro rubbed his head and point ahead at the three separate paths.

"What do you think is wrong, Ember? Look around and tell me what you see." Spyro said. Ember looked around and sighed as she figured out what was bothering Spyro.

"I understand, Spyro, this stupid cave is starting to get to me too." Ember said as she looked at Tobin, Amanda, Hunter, Blink and Bianca. "Does anyone have any bright ideas on what path we should take to get out of here?"

Hunter stepped forward and rubbed his chin as he turned and looked down each path. "Hmm, I know..." He cleared his throat and said, "My mother told me that I better shop around." As he said this he kept turning and pointing down each path. He did the same thing three more times. While he did this Spyro rolled his eyes while the others just looked at each other and sighed. Hunter smiled and finally said, "I say we take the middle tunnel." Hunter's smile faded as he saw the expressions on his friends faces.... "What? What did I do now?" Spyro and his friends started laughing and Hunter just sighed as he leaned up against the wall. Suddenly, Hunter heard something and took off running down the path he had picked. Spyro and Ember looked at each other and then started running after Hunter.

"Hey, Hunter wait!" Spyro yelled as he and Ember continued to run after him. Soon Hunter stopped and stood looking out at what look like a glowing portal. Spyro and Ember looked at Hunter as the rest of their friends came running up behind them. Stepping forward, Spyro reached out and touched the glowing portal and instantly got knocked backwards by a flash of energy. "What is it?" Spyro asked as Ember and Tobin helped him to his feet.

Amanda stepped forward and waved her paw over the portal. "Hmm, it looks like a door of some kind." As she said that the portal glowed brightly and the form of tall red dragon appeared inside the portal. The tall red dragon looked at them and smiled.

"GREETINGS, I AM TALA OF THE VANGUARD GUARDIAN DRAGON CLAN. THIS PORTAL IS KNOWN AS THE DESTINY GATE." Spyro and his friends looked at the swirling portal in surprise.

"So, Tala, does this gate lead to the ruins of Vanguard Command?" Spyro asked as he stepped forward and stood face to face with Tala. Tala nodded silently. "How do we gain entrance to the gate?"

"YOU, DRAGON OF DESTINY, MUST FIRST FIND YOUR MISSING HALF. GO TO MIST VALLEY. YOUR OTHER HALF LIES IN WAIT THERE FOR YOU." Tala said as a new portal pathway opened in the wall to the left of Spyro and his friends. Tala then looked over at Ember and the others before returning her attention to Spyro. "ONCE YOU FIND YOUR OTHER HALF YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS MUST RETURN HERE. DON'T HESITATE OR YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PASS THROUGH THE GATE." Spyro nodded silently and started to walk toward the other portal that would take them to Mist Valley. Right before Spyro reached the portal, Tala cleared her throat getting his attention.

"Yes, Tala, is there something else you want tell me?" Spyro asked. Tala's facial expression became one of sadness.


"Come on guys, let's get going." Hunter said as he jumped through the portal. Spyro and the others looked at each other, nodded and then jumped thru the portal. The portal closed behind them leaving an unseen cloaked figure behind watching everything with an expression of worry on his/her face.

"Be careful, Spyro." The cloaked figure said as he/she vanished into thin air.

Mist Valley

A portal opened on a hill overlooking beautiful cascading waterfalls. Hunter exited the portal first followed by Spyro and the others. As they exited the portal closed leaving a Portal Archway that glowed white. Hunter looked around and shivered as he looked at all the waterfalls. Spyro looked at his spooked friend and smiled.

"Come on, Hunter, the water is down there and we are up here. It can't hurt you." Spyro said as he patted Hunter on his right shoulder to comfort the spooked cheetah. Hunter looked at Spyro and sighed as he calmed down slightly.

"Sorry, buddy, I just hate water. I have tried to over come my fear and dislike for it but my past just keeps bringing back the reason why I hate it. I can drink it, but swimming in it is totally out of the question. There is no way in the world I am going to go swimming in water!" He said as Bianca walked over to him and wrapped her arm around him to calm his fear. Spyro looked around with Ember and Tobin and sighed.

"Where is he? Tala said that my other half would be here and that other half could only be..." Spyro said but Hunter interrupted him by turning to look at Spyro and gesturing that they follow him over to a rocky outcropping. Spyro frowned as they headed over rocky outcropping and said, "What is it, Hunter? I don't sense anything."

Hunter looked out over the valley as the rocky outcropping came closer and then back to Spyro. "I heard something, buddy." Spyro gave Hunter a 'yeah right' look that made Hunter growl. "I AM NOT CRAZY," Hunter growled as he walked with his friends. "I know we are being followed."

"Well, I don't hear or sense anything..." Spyro said but was cut off when Elora screamed.

"SPYRO, LOOK OUT!" Spyro looked around him but didn't see anything.

"What, I don't see.." At that moment Spyro heard footsteps and jumped aside just as a large foot came down and nearly crushed him. Spyro gave Hunter, who was wearing a smug expression on his face, a look of panic on his face as he said, "Please tell me that wasn't who I think it was?! That couldn't possibly have been Flame!" Tobin and Hunter gave Spyro a grim look making Spyro close his eyes and drop his head shaking it as he did and groan. "Great, just great! This situation just seems to keep getting worse and worse."

At that moment, Flame looked down in his warrior form and smiled a fang-filled muzzle down at Spyro. "Well well, look who has come to pay me a visit. Nice to see you, brother." Flame said in a sinister tone before opening his mouth and letting loose a powerful jet blast of fire that streaked toward Spyro and his friends. Spyro groaned and placed his paw up in front of him, closed his eyes and focused on his inner power. As he did, Spyro felt a change come over him. He opened his eyes and as he did his paws glowed blue as ice flew out creating an ice wall that Flame's attack hit. The ice wall took the force of Flame's attack for a little while before it melted creating a massive wall of steam.

See ya... after this...

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xx Re: Spyro: Dragon of Destiny
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The show now continues...

"EVERYBODY RUN!" Spyro screamed as he took off running. His friends ran after him. Flame noticed that they were trying to escape and quickly followed them. Spyro and his friends changed their direction and ran back toward the portal. As they ran, Spyro looked back over his shoulder at Flame. How do we stop Flame. There is no way I can fight him like this. I am too small and he is too BIG. Spyro thought as he saw the portal archway coming back into view. There has to be away to bring Flame back down to his normal size. At that very moment five Shadow Dragons in their warrior forms seem to come out of nowhere and start attacking everyone. "Ah crap this day really sucks..."

Meanwhile in a mysterious black fortress located in an unknown realm...

A grey cloaked figure walked swiftly down one of the many dark crystal lined halls. The figure continued to walk on until he/she reached a large gold double door. The cloaked figure pushed both doors open gently and entered into a huge chamber lined with chairs and a long meeting table. The cloaked figure paused and looked around the council chamber admiring the middle chair that the leader of the Fallen sat in during meetings. Growling in a deep voice that immediately identify the cloaked figure to be a male. He said, in a whispery tone of voice as he pulled back his hood, "I swear one day I will become the leader of this clan. And then..."

"Then you will put an end to this war we have been fighting for ages! Heh heh, I would sure like to see you try, Galen?" Said a femine voice behind him. Galen growled angrily and turned to look at the blood red dragoness that stood there in her silver robes. Seeing that it WAS the leader made Galen cower back away from her.

"Silvia.. I... didn't... hear you come in! Heh heh, may I ask why you are here, your majesty? Of course you don't have to answer my question if you don't want to but I was just curious." Galen said as he bowed his head to her. Silvia smiled and walked over to her center chair and sat down in it.

"As you were. I am here to simply look around and admire the scenery. The same as you are obviously, Galen. Though I have to say that I did hear your comment as I walked in." She said making Galen start sweating as he became nervous. "Now you wouldn't be up to some sort of scheme again? Would you?"

Galen laughed and cleared his throat as he looked at his queen. "No, your highness, I am not planning anything. I was just enjoying my time off." He said. Silvia looked at him with narrowed silver colored eyes that glowed as she frowned.

"Very well, Galen. Continue..." Galen smiled and bowed to her again and just as he started to turn to head out of the chamber, Silvia cleared her throat and said, "But, for your sake, I hope you are telling me the truth. I won't be so forgiving next time I catch you going against my orders. Do I make myself clear?" Galen's wings sagged a little but he held himself together as he turned his head to look back at Silvia.

"Crystal clear, your majesty!" He said as he closed his eyes and quickly bowed his head as he turned and walked out of the chamber. Silvia sat back in her chair and sighed as she activated a holographic monitor in mid-air by waving her glowing right paw over a dark gem that was imbeded in her chair. As the monitor turned on a gold dragoness appeared on the screen.

"Can't you see that I am bus...y!" The gold dragoness said but then bit her tongue as she noticed who she was speaking with. She quickly bowed her head and said, "Forgive me, your highness. I meant no disrespect. What task do you need me for?"

Silvia smiled at the Ascendant leader of the Celestial Knights and said, "It is good to see you again, Crystal. I hate calling you at a time like this but I need you to pass along a very important message to my sister. Tell her that Galen is up to his old habits again and that she needs to take precautions. I will handle things on my end but I need you to get this message to my sister as soon as possible." Crystal smiled and bowed her head.

"I will gladly carry out that request immediately, Queen Silvia. Is there anything else you need to pass along to my queen?" Silvia sat back in her chair and crossed her legs.

"You know me too well, Crystal. Yes, tell my sister that I need to meet with her on neutral ground as soon as possible. Also, please pass along this message to your other allies: 'Lord Silvermane, Queen Silvia humbly requests that you send help as soon as possible to assist Spyro and his brother. Both young Dragons of Destiny and Chaos will need all the help they can get in the near future if Galen is planning what I fear he is planning. Take all necessary precautions to minimize the damage I fear will be done to all realms. I am currently in the process of making my own secret plans of action to deal with Galen. Also, I must warn you to be very careful of who you trust because I have noticed that certain individuals, besides Galen, are making secret deals and alliances with him and other parties behind all our backs. These deals could very well lead to THE Chaos War we have all been struggling hard to try and prevent for eons now. Be careful and good luck.' Got all of that, Crystal?"

Crystal nodded and said, "Yes, I have it. Take care, your highness and be careful."

"You too, Crystal. Bye." Silvia said as she deactivated the holographic screen and stood up rubbing her chin with a worried expression on her face. Glancing up at the large glowing dark gem, Silvia sighed and said, "Galen, you old fool! What am I going to do with you? Your scheming ways, up till now, have been irritating at best and annoying at worst but now what you are planning to do could bring all our efforts for a peaceful end to what has been a long bloody conflict between our two people to a horrible end. I don't want another Chaos War to happen. The last one eons ago was bad enough. This time, I fear that if another such war breaks out the level of chaos and destruction that will occur this time could possibly bring about the end of everything...."

A gold eyed Spyro blew a stream of white fire out of his mouth at two of the large Shadow Warrior dragons. The two dragons blocked the attack and returned one of their own. Spyro dived out of the way as two black fire balls flew toward him. While this was happening, Flame was dog fighting two of the other warrior form Shadow Dragons in the air. Spinning around in the air Flame's four large feathered wings glowed and bursted into flames as he sent a tornado of superheated flame spinning toward the two Shadow Dragons. Both Shadow Dragons tried to block the flames but as it hit both of them it made their efforts totally worthless as they roared out in pain as their bodies were quickly reduced to ash in mid-air. Flame smiled and then headed down to finish off his brother and his friends. He got there in time to see Hunter and Bianca's teamwork K.O. one of the Shadow Dragons. That just left the two that were fighting Spyro, Ember and Tobin. Blink and Amanda had already been knocked out cold. Flame entered the fight knocking one of the remaining two Shadow Dragons to the ground where he returned to his smaller size. Flame laughed and was about to kill the downed Shadow Dragon when he got knocked out of the sky by a lightning bolt that render him unconscious as he hit the ground and returned to his smaller size.

"Flame!" Spyro screamed as he went over to check on his brother. Flame was out like a light and his black jacket was smoking. Flame groaned but didn't wake up. "Ember, tell Bianca to get over here as quickly as she can and help Flame." Ember nodded.

"Bianca, we need your assistance." Ember said as she continued fighting and dodging the remaining Shadow Dragon's attacks. Hearing Ember's plea for help, Bianca looked at Hunter.

"Can you handle the last Shadow Dragon, honey." Hunter grinned and somersaulted out of the way of a black fire blast as he joined the three dragon fighting the Shadow Dragon.

"Of course I can," He yelled. "Take care of Flame and leave this oversized loser to me, Ember, Tobin and Spyro. I know we can beat him." Bianca smiled and ran over to where Spyro sat with his smoking unconscious brother. Getting there she started healing him as Spyro ran to join Hunter, Tobin and Ember in fighting the last remaining Shadow Dragon. Hunter fired an arrow of ice at the Shadow Dragon dazzing him long enough for Spyro to enter the fight. Ember dived out of the way of black fire ball that flew too close to her position for comfort. Seeing Spyro enter the fight made her smile. Tobin also smiled as he landed a uppercut fist punch to the Shadow Dragon's large muzzle of a mouth causing the Shadow Dragon to fire one of his black fireballs up into the sky away from his friends.

"Hey, buddy, I hope you, Tobin and Ember weren't going to try and hog all the glory! Leave some for me guys." Spyro said with a smile. Tobin and Ember both shook their heads as they return fire on the Shadow Dragon.

Stay tuned...
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xx Re: Spyro: Dragon of Destiny
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The story now continues...

"Of course not, pal. The thought never crossed our minds. Right, Ember?" Ember shook her head with a grin as she and Tobin flew up and behind the Shadow Dragon unleashing a barrage combination of ice breath and a magic-generated fireblast on their attacker. "See, Ember agrees with me. We were saving some of the action for you. Now, let's clean the floor with this loser!" Hunter said as his left gauntlet started glowing. As he noticed this, Hunter smiled and jumped up into the air toward the dazed falling Shadow Dragon. As soon as he was up enough to start free falling backwards toward the ground, Hunter aimed both arms at the Shadow Dragon. "Eat this! Double Action Crossbows..." Both gauntlets glowed as an energy cross bow appeared on both gauntlets. "Rapid fire!" Hunter yelled as both bows unleashed a torrent of Fire and Ice Arrows. The Shadow Dragon roared out in pain and unleashed a life stealing Black Dragon attack at Hunter. Hunter saw the attack coming and said, "Oh crap. Looks like I really am going to die this time." Just as the Black Dragon attack neared him Spyro with gold eyes and Tobin flew between him and the attack and giving each other a grin reflected the attack back at the one who sent it in the first place. The Shadow Dragon roared out in pain and started trying to fly away but Ember unleashed another powerful fireblast that dazzed him making him collided with the ground hard. The collision knocked him unconscious and returned him to his normal size.

After the fight was over, Spyro, who was holding an embarrased Hunter in his arms as he landed with Ember and Tobin. Spyro put Hunter down and together they walked over to Bianca, who was busy healing Flame's wounds. "So how is he?" Spyro asked Bianca as he knelt down beside her. Bianca smiled and looked at him.

"He'll be okay, Spyro. Prehaps you and Ember should take Flame and go back through the gate. We'll join you guys at the entrance to the Destiny Gate as soon as we can get Amanda and Blink patched up." While they were talking they didn't notice a black shadowy mist wrap around the two unconsious Shadow Dragon's making them disappear within it's grasp.

"Okay, just follow after us as soon as your able. The sooner we can undo what was done to Flame the sooner we will be able to go home." Ember said as she gently wrapped her right arm around Flame and stood up with Spyro support Flame's right side. Together they walked toward the gate which activated allowing them to walkd thru. Once they got to the other side they headed back down the tunnel to the main chamber where the entrance to the Destiny Gate sat silently spinning. As soon as they had entered the chamber they sat Flame against the cave way gently and stood back and started to head back toward the Destiny Gate. Just as they neared the gate they heard something or in this cause two dark voices.

"You may have beat us before but this time we are going to crush both of you." One voice said.

Then another voice spoke out.

"Time to die! Once we are done with you, Spyro, Reeco will reward both of us with a promotion."

Ember groaned and said, "Good grief, enough of this. If you are going to attack us then come on and let's get this over with."

"With pleasure, my dear." Said one of the dark voices. At that moment Spyro and Ember heard the sound of falling bodies... Very large falling bodies. Looking at each Spyro and Ember looked up and groaned.

"Not those two again!" Spyro and Ember growled as they both jumped out of the way as two male Shadow Dragon guards attempted ambush failed. Spyro and Ember recognized the two Shadow Dragons as the same two that had attacked them eariler in Mist Valley. As the two Shadow Dragons split up to attack both Spyro and Ember as they separated, Spyro smiled and said, as he looked at Ember, "I don't know how you two recovered so fast but if you want to get your buts kicked again by us then we are game. Right, Ember!?"

Ember nodded and said, "Of course, I am ready to go. Let's dance."

The much larger Shadow Dragon swung his bladed battle staff at Spyro. Spyro ducked beneath the blade of the battle staff. The Shadow Dragon growled angrily as he swung the blade at Spyro again and Spyro jumped to the side avoiding the blade. With a blur of motion, Spyro reached for the battle staff the Shadow Dragon was using against him and pull his opponent towards him with all his strength. As soon as he was within striking distance Spyro jumped up into the air using his wings to do an aerial spin, that would have made Neo from the Matrix proud and a little jealous. As he came down rapidly, he gave his opponent a hard spin kick to the head sending him flying, head first, into the cave wall knocking him unconscious. As Spyro landed he caught the bladed staff in his right paw and said, "Well, that was a piece of cake!"

Ember, meanwhile was ducking and dodging the bladed staff of the other Shadow Dragon. Her opponent made the blade on the staff extend longer as he started swing at her in a slice and dice motion. Ember frowned as she jumped up into the air as the blade missed her by a hair. She grabbed the cave ceiling with her front claws and hung there. The Shadow Dragon below looked up and saw where she was hanging. He smiled as he stabbed his blade staff up intending on gutting her. Ember moved quickly out of the way and let go of the ceiling flipping down gracefully landing behind the Shadow Dragon. As he turned she jumped up wrapping her feet around his muscular neck spinning him around and slamming him into the ground hard with her weight. Once he was down she quickly jumped up flipped over the wicked blade of the battle staff and landed hard on his groin making him scream out in pain as she kicked the blade staff out of his flexing paws. Then she roll jumped off him to the side and elbowed him hard in the face.

"Shut the hell up!" She said as her elbow knocked him out cold. She grabbed the Shadow Dragon's staff and looked over at Spyro with a smug smile. "I bet you thought I couldn't fight that good. Did you, Spyro?"

Spyro glanced at her and smiled. "Of course not, Ember. The thought never crossed my mind. I knew you could fight that is why I always tried to stay on your good side." Ember smiled and nodded her head silently thanking Spyro for the compliment. Spyro turned his attention away from Ember and went over to check on his unconscious brother. While Spyro was doing this the same black mist that none of them had seen in Mist Valley floated into the cavern from a crack in the rock wall behind Ember.

"Not bad, babe. You remind me of Tala. That dragoness really had alot of spunk." A mysterious voice said as a transparent black dragon appeared suddenly behind Ember. Spyro and Ember gasped in surprise as they heard the voice bouncing around the cavern. They both looked around and saw nothing. At that moment Flame woke up and looked at Spyro with a thin smile on his face. Spyro, once he had noticed that his brother was awake, smiled and gently propped him up against the rock wall.

Flame licked his dry mouth and looked at Spyro and then over at Ember. As he did his eyes widened in shock as he noticed the black dragon appear behind Ember. "EMBER, BEHIND YOU!" Flame screamed. Ember frowned and turned around as quickly she could with the blade staff in paw and got a fist in the face. She roared out in pain and flew backwards into the rock wall dropping the staff in the process. Spyro growled and charged at the black dragon.

"You will pay for that whoever you are!" Spyro growled and gave the black dragon a powerful kick to the chest. The kick sent the black dragon flying back a little bit. The black dragon bent over and coughed. Spyro smiled as he said, "Not so tough are you?" He then turned his attention back to Ember. "Hey, Ember are you alright?" Ember coughed and looked over at Spyro giving him a weak 'I''m okay' smile. Spyro sighed in relief seeing her smile and then he turn his attention back their unwelcomed guest.

The black dragon suddenly, to the surprise of Spyro and Flame, stood back up ram rod straight and smiled at both of them with not any after affects to the kick to his chest. He laughed and clapped his paws together as he looked around the cavern at the two unconscious Shadow Dragons. "Bravo! Well done. I must commend you for taking out both of those Shadow Dragons." He paused briefly before he said, "Hmm, you must be the new boy..." He paused and rubbed his chin, in thought, with his right clawed paw. "Your name is Spyro right?!" Spyro looked at the strange dragon with a puzzled expression on his face. "Well, Spyro, my name is Galen and I think we are going to have a lot of fun. You and I. Heh heh." As he said that he looked at Flame making Flame gasp.

"Who the hell are you?" Flame asked. Galen smiled and waved his paw through the air in a swiping motion sending both brothers flying back into the cave wall dazing both of them.

"I am your worst nightmare made real, Flame. Heh heh, and YOU call yourself the new Dragon of Chaos. How pathetic you are. You shame all the dragons who carried that title before you. You are a total disgrace." Galen said making Flame pull himself to his feet and stand up straighter with a smile that surprised the older dragon.

Flame taps a mic. "Is this thing on?" Spyro nods at him from off screen. "Great... we'll be back after this break."
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xx Re: Spyro: Dragon of Destiny
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We're backk... okay that sounded lame.

"I don't care about my predecessors, Galen!" Flame said proudly puffing out his chest in pride as he gave brief glance to his brother before returning his attention to Galen. "So what if I am not a weapon of destruction for you Fallen, Galen. Get this through your head 'I.... DON'T... CARE...!' Dragon of Destiny or Dragon of Chaos is just a title." Spyro and Ember, as they both forced themselves back on their hind legs, looked at Flame and smiled. "I am proud of who I am and not ashame of being what I am. Spyro was right when he told me that powers don't make the person good or evil it is what is in that person's heart and what that person choses to do with the powers that determine what cause they truly serve." Galen growled in anger as he looked at Flame with narrowed glowing eyes filled with fury. "I am free to chose my own destiny, Galen. I am not your puppet or anyone elses." Flame smiled a fang filled smile. "So stop trying to control me!" Flame roared sending a wave of energy out knocking the older dragon backward into a rock wall. Galen growled and picked himself up off the ground. As he did he looked over at Spyro and Flame and smiled.

"You will regret that decision, Flame. Heh heh, oh yes, I promise you will most definitely regret that decision!" Galen said as he turned with narrowed eyes to look at Ember as she walked with a slight limp toward the two brothers. "In fact, I think I will punish you right now..!" He growled as he sent a black wave of energy that cut threw Ember making the young dragoness gasp with wide eyes as her body went rigid and she fell to the stone floor.

Spyro and Flame, with looks of horror on their faces, walked quickly over to Ember and knelt down to check on her. They discovered that while she was still breathing she was in bad shape. Her dragonfly, Lily, was unconscious along with her and that was a bad sign. Flame looked up at Galen with glowing angry narrowed eyes. "YOU MONSTER! I SWEAR YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!" He growled as he unleashed a beam of dark energy at Galen. Galen merely absorbed the beam and smiled at Flame's shocked expression.

"Come on, boy, did you really honestly think the power WE Fallen gave to you would hurt one of us. Don't be so stupid. Still, I must say that you do have great anger in your heart. Prehaps there is still hope for you after all." Galen said as he heard the footsteps of Hunter and the rest of Spyro's friends coming. "Well, I think I'll take my leave now. We will meet again, Flame, sooner then you think!" He then turned to Spyro who was looking at him with tear-filled angry eyes and smiled. "As for you, Dragon of Destiny, I promise you that before all is said and done you will be begging me to kill you. The end is coming and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Enjoy the time you have left because soon the sands in the hourglass of time will run out for you and your pathetic friends!" Galen then turned into black mist and laughed as he exited threw the same crack in the stone wall he came thru in the first place laughing and mocking both Flame and Spyro as he left.

Hunter and the others then showed up running over to check on their three friends. Amanda and Tobin noticed that Ember and Lily were in critical condition and dropped to their knees. "What happened to Ember, Spyro." Amanda asked as she nodded to Bianca and both females started trying to heal Ember. Spyro stood up and walked over to the stone wall and started punching it hard enough to crack the stone. Hunter with a look of worry walked over and placed a paw on Spyro's left shoulder as he fell to his knees sobbing.

"I just stood there and did NOTHING! That monster nearly killed Ember and all I could do was just stand there! I am totally useless!" Spyro growled in anger as Hunter tried to comfort him.

"What happened, buddy. Who did that to Ember?" Hunter asked softly as Blink joined him in trying to comfort Spyro. Spyro looked up at his two friends as tears rolled down his face.

"Galen is responsible for this tragedy." Spyro said in a low emotion-filled voice. Hunter and Blink looked at each other with puzzled expressions on their faces before turning to look back at Tobin. Tobin shook his head as he continued to examine the Shadow Dragon staffs that Spyro and Ember had taken from the two Shadow Dragons that they had defeated earlier.

"Who the hell is Galen?" Blink asked as the room suddenly filled with white light from the Destiny Gate opening. "What the..." Blink said as a strange white cloaked figure exited the now opened swirling gate.

Everyone, except for Bianca and Amanda stood up and turned to face the newcomer. "Who are you?" Flame asked in low voice filled with anger. The stranger walked toward them slowly before stopping and bowing to them.

"Who I am will be revealed in time. Right now it is more important to try and help save the life of your friend, Ember, Flame." Flame gasped in surprise along with everyone else. "Spyro, remember what Tala told you." Spyro nodded silently as he looked at his friends in turn. Hunter growled.

"How do we know we can trust you after what has happened here?" Hunter asked as he pointed his wrist bow at the cloaked figure. "For all we know you could be in league with this Galen fellow."

"Prehaps my intentions need to be made clear." The stranger said as he/she nodded and raised a glowing staff into the air sending healing energies into Ember helping Amanda and Bianca to stablizer her. "Now, Hunter, son of Lord Kyle of the Willowbrook Kingdom Cheetah Clan, do you still doubt me?" Hunter's face took on a guarded expression that everyone noticed.

"Hunter..." Spyro said as he touched his friend's right shoulder. "How does this stranger know your name and background. I thought..." Hunter frowned and looked at Spyro and sighed as he shook his head before looking back at the stranger.

"I don't know how you know me, whoever you are, but I still don't trust you that mu...." Hunter said but Spyro interrupted him with a look that spoke volumes as he looked at Sparx who was speaking softly to him.

"Hunter, I don't care whoever this person maybe. Neither does Sparx. All that matters is that this person helped stablize both Ember and Lily. Do you honestly think that someone who was out to hurt us would help us out in anyway?" Spyro said in a tired hollow voice that surprised everyone. Spyro looked at the stranger and nodded his head in understanding. The cloaked stranger returned his nod and turned heading back toward the Destiny Gate.

"Follow me!" Said the cloaked figure. "I will show you the way to the Vanguardian Tower of Lore." Spyro looked at his friends and reached down taking the Shadow Dragon blade staff from Tobin. Hunter sighed and shook his head.

"Do you honestly think we can trust this one?" Hunter asked in a soft tone as he looked at Spyro. Spyro looked at Hunter and nodded as he attached the Shadow Dragon blade staff to the back of his white battle jacket.

"I don't think we have much of a choice in the matter. If we don't do something soon Ember will die." He said as he bent down in front of Bianca and Amanda and picked up Ember's motionless body up in his arms and walked after the cloaked figure.

No one said a word as they followed Spyro through the Destiny Gate to face whatever awaited them beyond...


To Be Concluded...
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