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 sticky  Author  Topic: Any Updates?  (Read 34132 times)
Brandon Lazy
xx Re: Any Updates?
« Reply #195 on: Aug 25th, 2006, 7:05pm »

Chapter 4: The meeting of Spyro, Crash and Jak

part 1

Spyro and Flame were in the proffesors lab when the proffesor said there seems to be some great evil in the dragon realms Spyro and you need to stop it before it destroys everything! Huh? well Flame and will able to defeat it right Flame? I don't think so. Fine i'll go by myself. Till a portal appeared and sucked him in. Ahhhh!

Part 2

Crash woke up and saw his sister and Aku Aku uncouncis, crash tried to wake them up but somebody pointed a gun at him it was Jak. Ok you bandicoot where the hell am I?! Crash looked confused until Spyro popped out of the portal. Where am I? That's what I am wondering jak said. Crash what are you doing here? It seems that portals has sucked us into this world said Jak. Hmm well let's try to find where we are said Spyro

As Crash, Spyro and Jak went on
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Brandon Lazy
xx Re: Any Updates?
« Reply #196 on: Aug 27th, 2006, 2:54pm »

I don't see any readers but I'll continue because I'm nice.

Chapter 5: Human Realm

While they were finding out where they were, they were introducing themselves. My name is Jak what's your's dragon? My name is Spyro and this is Crash but he dosen't talk well. Crash nodded. Oh and I almost forgot this guy on my shoulder is Daxter but sometimes he can be really crazy said Jak. Hey! I am not that crazy.
Well sometimes you are! Jak laughed. As they went on they saw a sing that says you are entering Oregon.
Oregon? said Spyro. We must be in the west side of the U.S.A said Jak. Until a big boulder were headed there way. Run! they ran as fast they can until they bumped into a wall and they collapsed on the floor uncouncis

Few hours later....

3 figures walked up to them and picked them up and brung them into a house....

Can you guess who they are?

You have already have an awnser and that is me.

but who are the other two?

Clue 1: A guest here tried to control my anger.

Clue 2: A member here is a good ranter.

Clue 3: For clue number 2 it starts with an L
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brandon pissed lazy
xx Re: Any Updates?
« Reply #197 on: Aug 29th, 2006, 11:55am »

that's it i have enough! no readers no readers no story.

angry angry angry angry
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Charles Frost

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xx Re: Any Updates?
« Reply #198 on: Aug 30th, 2006, 10:28am »

Brandon, please refrain from using any inappropriate language... The fact that not everybody responds within a matter of days, doesn't mean they haven't read it... EIther that or too few members have visited this part of the forum...

Anyway, your story has some interesting aspects to it, and I'm curiousto how it'll develop. Perhaps you might want to add more detail to the situations however, to add to the suspence, and build it up slowly...
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- The library -

...Perhaps that's what people fear about it, themselves in soltitude, for without others, they find themselves lost. Without guidance,
their path remains unclear to them. But even before that moment, they had long since lost themselves...
Brandon Lazy
xx Re: Any Updates?
« Reply #199 on: Aug 31st, 2006, 11:40am »

I can't help it Frost when I get angry i just spread out words that I never say.

besides it's like i'm doing this for nothing when nobody's reading it.

and besides i'm 13 so go easy on me. my details aren't that good there just small juicy details.

Ahh well here comes chapter 6

Chapter 6: New Allies

When Spyro, Crash, and Jak and Daxter woke up and they relized that they were in a house. Where are we? said Spyro. Until they heard footsteps coming there way. Who's there?! said Jak until they saw three figures standing infront of them ahh I see your awake said one of the figures. Who are you? said Spyro. hmm don't you regonize me Spyro? My name is Brandon. Brandon? Is that you said Spyro. You know this guy said Jak. Yeah he used to help me defeat Ziggurat 2 years ago, but who are the other 2 people beside you? Allow me to introduce themselves this is Emerald( The Guest) and Lithe( The member). We saw you uncouncis so we decided to bring you into the house said Emerald. We also thought that you wouldn't be here in this Oregon place for no reason hmm? said Lithe. We were brought here by portals said Spyro. Hmm i think I know who did it but you should get some rest for now. As Spyro, Crash and Jak and Daxter fell asleep.

Tommorow Explanations

Ok this the best i can do so be easy on me!
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Brandon Lazy
xx Re: Any Updates?
« Reply #200 on: Sep 15th, 2006, 08:57am »

there got to be at least one reader so I can continue with chapter 7.

Great I feel a bad word coming on.

Censored !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's better
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xx Re: Any Updates?
« Reply #201 on: Sep 15th, 2006, 09:29am »

Brandon there's no need for words that must be censored. If it makes you feel better I've read your story. I really don't think it's that bad. You should keep typing it. wink
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Brandon Lazy
xx Re: Any Updates?
« Reply #202 on: Sep 15th, 2006, 7:36pm »

Thanks for reading it. I thought only Jamieque was the only comment I had but now I have two thanks! smiley

Chapter 7: Explanations

When Spyro,Jak,Crash, and Daxter woke up they smelled Breakfast being made. Why I see that your awake guys, we were just making breakfast said Emerald. Well it sure smells good said Spyro.
Well Breakfast is ready so come on and eat said Lithe. As Spyro, Crash, Jak and Daxter ate Breakfast. Hey where is Brandon? Spyro asked. He is outside doing something Secret Lithe said.


Finally soon this thing will actually work after 1 and a half years it's finally finished! said Brandon. Hey Brandon! Wahhah! Brandon looked around and saw that it was Spyro. Oh Spyro it's only you. What are you making? It's uhh nothing for your concern but I'll tell you why you were sucked in this world. Ok. There was an evil Emperor named Shadow. He was the ruler of our city. He had slaved us, beaten us to death but a hero came here and defeated the Shadow all was saved but the Shadow came back and killed the hero who has defeated him and the Shadow swore that he will kill every hero if he has to find every single spot in the entire world so that's why you, Jak and Crash are here in this world because Shadow brought you here to destroy you. Wow I didn't know that. Spyro, you Crash and Jak must defeat him and restore peace to this world before it's to late or all is lost......

Dun Dun Dun....

Ok now I don't know what my next chapter is though so refresh my memory please
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Quad 1 or Brandon Lazy
xx Re: Any Updates?
« Reply #203 on: Sep 17th, 2006, 2:40pm »

Figured it out oh and a by the way if your wondering why me Emerald, Jake, HorseRiderPDX, and Minna Pang, are doing with the Quad stuff. The five of us actually met at a park somewhere and we became close friends.

Well that's the story.

I'm Quad 1
Emerald is Quad 2
Jake is Quad 3
HorseRiderPDX is Quad 4
Minna Pang Quad 5

Ok if you were wondering why we put that thread up together in the General Board because all we saw was Spammmmmmmmmmmmming stuff every where before it turned back to normal.


Chapter 8: Bored (changed)

Spyro, Jak, Crash and Daxter were in the living room watching Tv, until Emerald, Lithe, and Brandon were packing bags. Hey what are you guys doing asked Jak?
Were going to California for 10 days said Brandon.
Oh, but what are we supposed to for the next 10 days?
Read a book, watch Tv, Play my Playstaion or whatever you want to do, but don't worry we'll be back soon.

3 hours later...

Spyro, Crash, Jak and Daxter was bored stiff.
Aye, what do you wanna do asked Spyro. I don't know what do you wanna do? said Daxter

5 hours later...

Spyro was on the Couch watching Tv but there was nothing interesting. Crash was on the floor slepping helplessy. Jak was on Brandon's Playstation playing his second adventure game. Daxter was drinking Brandon's Dad's Beer.

2 days later....

Spyro had enough of this and started exercising outside.
Crash was outside spinning squrriles. Jak started shooting butterflies with his scatter gun and Daxter was still drinking beer.

7 hours later

Spyro, crash,Jak and Daxter had enough of this and just went to bed Sleeping like there was nothing to do but then Spyro finnaly spoke. man this Boring I want to do Some adventuring allready!!!!!!!!!

Done Sorry about that I will go on tommorow
for part 2 then New Powers
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Quad 2 or Emerald Wang
xx Re: Any Updates?
« Reply #204 on: Sep 17th, 2006, 6:32pm »

well at least you have me in that story that's nice.
and that story about how the five of us met is true. Keep it going though.

Your Friend,
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